Lights! Camera! Action!

             According to statistics, as of February of this year 4.7 million U.S. workers are now working remotely. No doubt that number has increased in recent months, creating a shift in the way most professionals connect with their client base and internal teams on a regular basis. Meeting software is in abundance, but what about everything else it takes to conduct a successful virtual meeting or presentation?

            As a participant, what happens when you attend a webinar and the presenter asks everyone to turn on their camera? Would you think “no sweat” or would you panic because you literally look like you just rolled out of the bed that’s in the background? I’m being a bit dramatic here, but you see my point.

Read on to learn how to create a “set” at home that elevates your presentation and ensures you are camera ready.

    1. Place or find the right lighting. When searching for the perfect location for your set, choose a room with even natural light. Often, this means a room with a window in front of you with indirect sunlight or a room with windows on at least three sides. You can place a small lamp behind your laptop or, for a more professional set up, VidExpo Halo provides a ring light that can be placed on a soft defused setting for optimal lighting. Beware of shadows! Walk around your house with your camera phone pointed toward you so you can eliminate shadows on your face. Avoid lighting directly over your head. It will cast shadows downward.
    2. Create a backdrop. One of the most important features of your at-home set is what’s behind you. Rip a page out of your favorite home and garden magazine or borrow a few ideas from a home decor show to create a pleasant background that is aesthetically pleasing and free of clutter. We recommend removing family photos and other personal items as well. Keep that area tidy so it’s always ready to go. You can also opt for a company-branded banner stand so clients and prospects can engage with your brand. Check out VidExpo Drop to learn more.
    3. Find the right angles. Lighting and angles work hand in hand, but also keep the location of your camera in mind. You want to have your camera or laptop raised slightly so that you’re looking up into the camera. This will make your eyes appear more open and eliminate any unflattering neck wrinkles or double chins. VidExpo Lift is a sturdy riser for your laptop. If you’re using your phone, the kit also comes with a mini tripod designed specifically for your phone.
    4. Groom yourself. Style your hair (and/or facial hair, gentlemen) and choose an appropriate outfit. Ladies, no need for a full-on glam squad if that’s not your normal “work face.” If you don’t normally wear make-up to work, a little mascara and lip balm can go a long way.

Once you have your set in place and you are groomed accordingly, create a test meeting to see how you look against your background and adjust accordingly. When you look your best, you can present and interact confidently.

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