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VidExpo is a product created by Abstract Displays, the company founded by Carla and Michael Eng because they saw a need in the exhibit industry to provide a dependable resource for their clients’ face to face sales and marketing events. Backed by a talented team of industry experts, Abstract Displays is a global force in the trade show industry. VidExpo now gives Abstract’s clients an opportunity to take the trade show to their audience and create strategic pre and post-show marketing campaigns.

How we do

Our team specializes in filling the vacancies left by canceled trade show events with cutting edge tech, business artistry, and design empathy to reinvigorate your marketing campaigns.

Merging the best sales tools into a synergistic confluence. We take Trade Show Events, Videography, and Streaming to create the perfect all-season sales tool.

We’re from industries that span all industries. That unique perspective gives us an edge as solution seekers.

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