5 Ways to Increase Viewership for Your Online Event

With the rapidly increasing frequency of virtual meetings and online events, it is important now more than ever to make sure that your event stands out from the rest. Viewers literally have endless options on which events they will listen to or watch. You are vying not only for their viewership but also for their attentiveness and willingness to engage with you and your brand. In addition to spot-on messaging, you need to ensure you are putting your best foot forward with regard to presentation. Here are five ways to increase viewership for your event:

1.  Elevate your showmanship.

We’ve all seen more home interiors of complete strangers than we’ve ever seen before. To present a more polished image, try using a branded backdrop, an upgraded microphone or camera, a laptop riser, and a ring light in addition to personal grooming, of course. A kit like this can be purchased relatively inexpensively. (Check out VidExpo.Abstractdisplays.com to learn how to purchase a kit.) You’ll have a sharp appearance and you’ll sound crisp and clear so you can present with confidence and wow your audience.

2. Vet your marketing contact list.

Considering the new landscape of the job market, it is highly likely that roles and responsibilities have shifted among your clients and prospects. Now would be a great time to do some digging to find out where people have landed and updated your CRM (or spreadsheet) with the latest data so you can invite the decision-makers. The investment of time and effort will be worth it.

3. Practice. Practice. Practice.

The old adage that practice makes perfect is true in this case. Take the time to do a technical run. Test your delivery platform. Toggle back and forth between slide decks, poll questions, or chat rooms. Check the audio output and make sure the camera is working. Test your lighting to make sure you look your best. Run through the presentation with the tone and inflection with which you intend to present to your audience. Record it, play it back, and adjust accordingly. Know how to quickly troubleshoot (or assign that task to a team member) during the actual event.

4. Block out quiet time.

Not everyone has the luxury of a quiet home office where they will be completely alone during the live event. Arrange for babysitting (human and/or animal). Place a do not disturb sign on your door. Don’t schedule the landscaper, handyman, or delivery driver to show up during that period of time. For added security, try a background noise canceling app. Consider actually going into the office as an alternative. And, whatever you do, turn off your cell phone!

5. Make it worthwhile for your audience to attend.

Along with a seamless presentation and a professional look, be sure to refine your messaging. In short, have something relevant to say. You want to make attending your event worth your audience’s time. Teach them something, solve a problem, or provide an update. Another idea may be to reward them with giveaways just as if they would have attended your event in person. Stay tuned to the next article to find out more about this topic.

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